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Crime Prevention is Better Than Cure

How The Security Risk Assessment Enables Proactive Crime Prevention Crime is unfortunately not a very pleasant subject and is therefore also avoided in general. This is despite the fact that the media relentlessly bombards us with horror stories and tragedies alike. The ever increasing high crime rate in our country is always a point of…

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Assessing Risk Accurately

WHY THE SCALE METHOD IS INCORRECT To date, there are no set rules, no uniformed checklist or any definitive means in which to determine risk. This is highly applicable to many assessors that attempt to define risk on a grading scale and rate areas and points within a property as low to high. Many variations…

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The Security Risk Advisor – Your Security “GP”

When one is physically unwell, an appointment is made with your GP to review the symptoms, discover the cause of the ailment and to provide the cure to restore wellbeing. Your Doctor would also tell you what to avoid in the future or how to adapt your lifestyle so that this problem does not reoccur….

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