Our Services

  • Professional and expert advice regarding physical security
  • Detailed Security Risk Assessment in living format
  • Workable Security Plan (factors such as budget allowance and integration possibilities shall be included)
  • Chairing of various regular security meetings on your behalf and provision of detailed minutes including the community, SAPS and relevant security companies
  • Security Inspection and Full Audit
  • SOP’s (Standard Operational Procedures) of your service provider
  • Testing of current security including infiltration and the Time-X factor
  • Ongoing in-depth research keeping you up-to-date even after the conclusion of your assessment
  • Ensuring that all Security Services Levels are met and maintained
  • Security Awareness and the provision of necessary training
  • Security Workshops and instatement of various Policies and all other necessary documentation
  • Training as a security advisor
  • Monthly reports concerning security management

Do you understand - Inner and Outer Security - Read your security risk assessment Alwinco - Independent security risk assessment

The truth of the matter is that our complacency encourages criminals even more and it makes committing crimes even easier.

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