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Security advisor – Imagine having a conversation with an experienced security advisor from the comfort of your home. That’s what our online consultation offers—a 30-minute virtual meeting where you can ask questions or seek clarification about your physical security concerns. It’s designed to listen, understand, and provide guidance, although it won’t deliver a complete security solution in just half an hour.

People often ask me questions like,

“Which camera is the best?” “How should I conduct this investigation?” “Is this security protocol correct?” “What’s the next step for security?” or “I’ve had a break-in; what should I do next?” With 35 years of experience in security and nearly 20 years in risk assessment, I’m confident in answering these questions and pointing you in the right direction.

Think of it like consulting a lawyer or visiting a doctor. Sometimes, you need multiple meetings. Thanks to technology, we can now have these discussions online, saving you the hassle of traveling. After the initial consultation, some clients send me documents to review, like contracts or risk assessments.

The first 30-minute session is free—

no cost, just a helpful conversation. If further work is needed, like reviewing a risk assessment, we can agree on an hourly rate. It’s similar to consulting with a doctor, lawyer, or audit company.

You can vet my processes and credentials online if you’d like. Our online consultation provides an opportunity to ask security-related questions. For instance, I recently had three property owners from an estate upset with their security management. They asked for guidance on the next steps. Another client contacted me when their daughter went missing, seeking advice on what to do next. Some people want to buy a new property and ask for security advice, while others need me to vet a security company or evaluate a quote for security cameras.

Booking an online consultation is easy.

Just fill out the form below, indicating your available dates and time slots (you will see we are requesting three dates and time slots) from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. We’ll set up the meeting and start our discussion.

Sometimes, a follow-up meeting or an on-site visit is necessary, depending on the issue. We’ll agree on a fee for any additional work. For example, I once had to travel to Cape Town to vet a security business for a client. After our free online discussion, we agreed on a cost, they paid, and I completed the vetting.

Our discussions cover a wide range of topics: access control, property line security, garden security, driveway security, and travel security. Sometimes, clients who have been victims of crime seek advice on what to do next.

In summary, our online consultation is like sitting down with an expert to get clear, direct guidance on your security concerns.

Written by Andre Mundell independent security risk Advisor at Alwinco.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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