The Security Risk Advisor – Your Security “GP”

When one is physically unwell, an appointment is made with your GP to review the symptoms, discover the cause of the ailment and to provide the cure to restore wellbeing. Your Doctor would also tell you what to avoid in the future or how to adapt your lifestyle so that this problem does not reoccur. This is something we have all done and we consult a health professional to provide us with the necessary advice when so required. The Security Advisor should be seen in the same light, except that our expertise lies within the field of crime and security. Our consultation and the guidance dispensed are within the Security Risk Assessment.

Should your GP discover that your illness requires a specialist to assist you, he / she will consult with or refer you to the right person. This could be a neurosurgeon or a chiropractor, depending on his / her findings and your specific needs. Here again, as Security Advisors, we will do the same and if answers cannot be determined through the ongoing and extensive research we do by default, we will call in an expert to lend a helping hand in the formulation of the solutions with no extra cost to you.

As professional consultants in the security domain, our first step would be to do a thorough security inspection of your entire property and your physical security status. This investigation consists of multiple layers that do not just include your hardware or your security provider. Aspects such as daily routines, the surrounding environment, Security Awareness and differences between various hours of the day are included and examined as a unit, as well as individually. This part of the Security Risk Assessment will determine and identify weaknesses within your security system that could provide a criminal with opportunity. All this is laid out and explained in full detail with accompanying photographs within the Risk Assessment so that you are fully aware of all the risk on your property.

After analysing all this information and a comprehensive security audit has been conducted on the data, the formulation of your individual Security Plan begins. All solutions provided are based on the outcome of the assessment and are researched to ensure that the recommendations are the best for you and your unique situation. This will provide you with the knowledge to make good and informed decisions regarding your security, which will additionally be based on a strong, solid foundation into the future. The Security Advisor will provide you with control of your security. This in turn places you in the position to proactively protect your property, assets and family / employees. Moreover training for the conduction of the Security Risk Assessment can be provided, as well as employee, household or communal residencies in Security Awareness.