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Learnership program

Alwinco’s Learnership Program is perfect for individuals who want to develop their career in the challenging and diverse world of security assessments and consulting.

Our learnership program offers a ‘Spotter’ position which will provide the essential skills and knowledge to become a Security Risk Assessor. A ‘Spotter’s’ responsibility is to ‘spot’ which companies need Independent Security Risk Assessments.

This position is ideal for anyone looking to earn a supplementary income. It is also the first step to becoming a Security Risk Assessor.

Become a Security Risk Assessor

Alwinco is looking for talented individuals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Security Risk Assessments.

Experience in Security Risk Assessments is not required; however, knowledge of the security industry will be to your advantage. PR, Marketing and Project skills is beneficial.

This is a unique opportunity to increase and develop your skills which will unlock a plethora of doors for you.


The ‘Spotter’ program is low-cost to everyone involved and works on a commission basis. If you successfully ‘spot’ a company that requires our service, you will receive a commission. Alwinco is a virtual company which makes working from any location a possibility.

Understanding the concept

Many individuals do not understand the concept of a Security Risk Assessment. During the Learnership Program, we will teach you the definitions and concepts and we will point out certain aspects that need to be looked at when identifying risks and providing solutions. Conveying the findings without fully understanding the concept, it will be very difficult, if not impossible.

The success of an Independent Security Risk Assessment lies in the understanding thereof and a vital part of the process is to ensure that your client fully understands this concept.

Clear communication

Not being able to clearly communicate the purpose of the assessment as well as the findings and solutions will create distrust and will certainly result in failure. While the ability to communicate cannot be taught, we will provide you with the tools to equip yourself with to optimize your chances of success.

To assist in the process of understanding what an Independent Security Risk Assessment is, and to encourage people to learn new communication skills, we believe that the ‘Spotter’ program will be the perfect learning tool.

The next step

As soon as the ‘Spotter’ becomes familiar with Alwinco’s concepts and processes, understands the concept of a Security Risk Assessment and can clearly and effectively communicate the information, we can proceed to the next level. This is where we will teach you how to conduct a Security Risk Assessment from start to finish and most importantly, how to write this Assessment to ensure that your client receives a living document that will form the foundation of their security.

The ‘Spotter’ program

A Spotter’s duty is to ‘spot’ which companies require Security Risk Assessments. This position was originally intended for people looking to earn an extra income, especially students and the elderly, however, we believe that the ‘Spotter’ position will be the perfect ‘learnership program’ for any future Security Risk Assessor.

New Concept

Part of our goal at Alwinco is to introduce and familiarise individuals and companies with the concept of a Security Risk Assessment. Currently, this is a rather new concept in South Africa which results in a general misunderstanding of the goals and principles of the assessment.

We offer this opportunity to those who would like to assist us to introduce Alwinco’s concept to as many individuals and companies as possible. Should you prove successful, this will become a very lucrative opportunity.

The ideal opportunity

This is an ideal opportunity for students, pensioners, reps, stay-at-home-parents or any person who may have an interest in security or marketing to earn an additional income. Any individuals who are interested in this opportunity should have an existing contact list or business friends as this is not door-to-door marketing.

Further opportunities

If this sounds promising to you, I would like you to consider the possibilities of this opportunity. If you are savvy enough to introduce us to the management or directors of a franchise/chain store such as Checkers, Wimpy or Mr Price, for example, and we can secure a nationwide contract on several branches, you will receive a commission on every assessment conducted on each individual store property belonging to that group.

We have found that such large corporations are more likely to choose a minimum of 25 -30 branches across the country to be assessed. Such a contract will provide you with a steady income over several months without you needing to be further involved in the process.

Alwinco’s expectations

This offer ideal for those individuals who would like to earn extra revenue on a part-time basis or to supplement their current full-time takings.

As explained, you will not be actively involved in the actual assessment part of Alwinco.

All that is expected is for you to converse and spread the word about our Alwinco’s unique service. The benefits of the assessment need to be passed on. Prospective clients need to be provided with the information that would enable them to understand that a Security Risk Assessment is the tool to proactively combat and prevent crime.

On the other hand, should you have the knack and the capabilities of understanding the Security Risk Assessment and our unique methodology; you will strongly be considered for a permanent position at Alwinco.

The right direction

Likely candidates will be provided with the relevant material providing enough information regarding the Risk Assessment. You are by no means expected to understand the entire concept in full but only to know enough to spark an interest in those you approach. In the case of a tender process, you just need to point us in the direction of the tender, nothing more.

Once the third party (Client) has expressed the desire to know more, an appointment needs to be set up with Alwinco. If we are then commissioned to conduct an assessment through the introduction you have made, we will pay you between 7% and 10% of the assessment total, depending on the size and type if the property to be investigated. Payment will be received as soon as the client has paid the deposit before the actual commencement of the assessment.

This ‘Spotter’ position is a freelance position and will not entail being a fulltime employee of Alwinco. Alwinco will require an invoice from you to add to the record once we have the relevant amounts to be paid out for the referral fee.

Kindly contact me should you have any further questions or seek additional information regarding this unique opportunity.

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