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Written by Andre Mundell: Your Trusted Security Advisor

Andre Mundell, owner of Alwinco, brings 37 years of extensive experience in security and crime, including interviewing suspects, managing crime scenes, and conducting independent Security Risk Assessments.

Understanding Your Risks

With decades of expertise in security meetings, RFQs, and security proposals, Andre comprehensively understands the complexities of security, including hardware, control rooms, and general security procedures.

The Role of a Good Advisor. 

A good security advisor listens attentively, grasps your requirements, and evaluates risks before offering recommendations. Unlike hardware vendors, a security advisor provides impartial advice on both hardware and solutions. Read more.

Independence and Objectivity

One key reason why security advisors refrain from hardware sales is to maintain independence and impartiality. They focus on identifying risks and proposing optimal solutions, regardless of client preferences.

Andre’s Expertise

With over 30 years of investigative experience and a deep understanding of security profiling and communication, Andre seamlessly integrates all security aspects to provide tailored solutions.

foreCustomized Consultation

Whether it’s a brief meeting or a half-day consultation, Andre offers personalized guidance during security meetings, asking pertinent questions to address your concerns.

Thorough Documentation Review

An advisor meticulously reviews your company’s security documentation and contracts, offering advice on accuracy and content. They’re available for detailed investigations and provide specific solutions tailored to your needs.

Who Needs a Security Advisor?

Whether it’s a residence, school, business, or municipal building, anyone concerned about security must conduct research to ensure the right hardware and pricing. Therefore, A security advisor acts as a crucial resource in this process.

Trusted Guidance

Just as a doctor advises on health, a security advisor advises on security needs. They can even accompany you to court, offering guidance on the next steps, and charge by the hour for their invaluable services.


In South Africa, Andre Mundell and Alwinco offer expert security advisory services to homeowners and business owners. With a focus on understanding your risks, providing impartial advice, and offering tailored solutions, Andre is your trusted partner in enhancing your security measures.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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