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The origin of our company name, ALWINCO, is always in control. As an independent security advisor we place you in control of your physical security. As we do not sell any hardware or guarding services, we can objectively show you the reality of your security status as it does not directly affect our pockets.

Our business is focused on supplying you with professional advice and the full and thorough assessment of your security. Your unique situation and vulnerabilities can be addressed and we will develop an individual plan that will allow you to make your property more resistant to crime.

Any setup involving the installation of an alarm system and electrical fence or any other hardware may deter a criminal but if all these products do not work as a whole and supplement each other, and are not specifically custom-made to suit your distinct situation they will prove to be rather futile.

Those individuals with military background will be familiar with the tongue-in-cheek saying: “Your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.” This is very often the case when security decisions are being made as the lowest installation price and call-out fee is often the one that is chosen despite the actual effectiveness of the system or service.

When considering budget, many companies make the fault of cutting security first and the value is not appreciated until the company finds themselves a target of a crime.

Faith in your security is eroded if your system is not in perfect harmony with your lifestyle or working environment; as mismatches will result in unnecessary call-outs, false alarms and various other disappointments. This is why all the elements and various aspects of your individuality and that of the property need to be accurately gauged to ensure the best suitable system can be provided to you.

The above-mentioned scenario results in a high level of dissatisfaction within the industry concerning general performance as a whole. Our opinion as the only independent security advisor in South Africa is that it is not necessarily the fault of the equipment sold or that of the industry. Rather it is the misaligned application of the cheapest options as the client does not possess the necessary knowledge and is often kept in the dark by the supplier or installer. We will provide the client with the details to be able to make good workable decisions regarding the solution of his / her security.

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The truth of the matter is that our complacency encourages criminals even more and it makes committing crimes even easier.

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Each assessment is done with due consideration to various situations that are one of a kind for each particular case. Just as people that differ greatly from each other, so will each and every assessment have vastly varied issues and solutions. This includes:

  • A full inspection of the property concentrating on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses present in your physical security.
  • A complete analysis of the immediate vicinity and neighbourhood of the property in question.
  • An in-depth comprehension of all elements affected by lifestyle or the nature of business conducted on the property. All these factors will influence the performance of any recommended equipment and security systems. To investigate this numerous interviews are conducted and analytic observations need to be made and calculated.

Once all these aspects are taken into account the security advisor shall be in state to provide you the best solutions regarding your unique security requirements resulting in a seamless and tailored fit. It is therefore to your advantage to commission a Security Risk Assessment as this will also provide you a sound and strong foundation for all your security needs into the future

Your security company or product provider will be able to provide you a cheap or free product assessment as they have all the knowledge relevant to what they are trying to sell. Unfortunately, these salespersons do not have experience in the field of crime prevention and will not look how to integrate your system for optimal performance if their products are not purchased.

You will play a very vital role in the development of your security strategy as a security assessor can provide you with the necessary tools and information for you to take control.

We have received many positive reviews from our past clients and remain actively in contact by providing them with all the new and relevant data that is available to us.

Through the conduction a professional Security Risk Assessment you will proactively join the fight against crime. As we are all aware South Africa has a very high crime rate as the media often reminds us so we are confident that the benefits of an assessment will be realised by both home and business owners alike.

Should you require any more information or clarification of certain aspects, please feel free to contact us accordingly.

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