Crime Prevention is Better Than Cure

How The Security Risk Assessment Enables Proactive Crime Prevention

Crime is unfortunately not a very pleasant subject and is therefore also avoided in general. This is despite the fact that the media relentlessly bombards us with horror stories and tragedies alike. The ever increasing high crime rate in our country is always a point of concern. Often crime and consequently security are not given much thought or serious consideration, as long as things are running smoothly and remain incident free. It is only usually when something happens and you find yourself or your loved ones / colleagues a victim of crime that the real value of security is realized and by then it is simply too late. Steps can be taken towards successful crime prevention.



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Typically our clients (both residential and business) have already spent thousands on security and their systems only to be targeted by a criminal attack in the future. It is only at this point that they realize there is something wrong with their security and it is obviously just not enough. Unfortunately, most human beings only gain wisdom the hard way by suffering a disaster or a traumatic event. Attitudes towards crime and security need to be drastically altered. Why is it necessary to experience huge financial loss – or even worse the loss of life or serious injury – before it is understood how important security is?

The goal of the independent Security Consultant is to to arm all individuals, communities, homeowners, property developers, complex committees, residential and commercial estates, security and building managers, as well as business owners with the necessary knowledge to ensure that they are ALWAYS IN CONTROL of their security. By having a Security Risk & Threat Assessment conducted you will be provided with the relevant skills and in-depth know-how to make your property more resistant to crime and practice proactive crime prevention. A well-thought through Security Plan and professional recommendations for solutions will assist you in not wasting money unnecessarily. All factors within your security shall be considered and verified that they indeed complement each other and not hinder or affect each other in a negative or adverse way.  Please remember that sometimes there is no financial cost required in the solution but a change in attitude or routine is all that might be needed to facilitate crime prevention.

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A Security Risk Assessment conducted by an independent, professional and experienced assessor will help you to identify all risks and weaknesses in your security system that may create an opportunity for a crime to occur. By removing these opportunities, crime prevention is achievable. Why wait until it is too late before you take action?

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