The Process & Phases of the Security Risk Assessment

When dealing with the public, we have found that the actual process of the Security Risk Assessment is not always understood. Once we have explained all it involves, and how we are able to provide our clients with security solutions within a workable and comprehensive Security Plan, is the true value of this vital tool actually realised. The assessment process as conducted by an independent Security Advisor can be viewed as consisting of 2 phases which result in the compilation and completion of the Risk Assessment document.

The first initial phase is preceded by a formal meeting with the client to ensure that the scope of the assessment encompasses any additional expectations the client may have; besides those that we already provide. It is important that we meet these goals and only after this is agreed upon does the thorough investigation of the property begin. This involves the examination of a multitude of vastily different yet interconnected layers in regards to the physical security of the property, which spans over several days depending on the size of the site and the property type.  Security is not just hardware or the physical attributes of the building but consists of other aspects that most other assessors do not take into consideration. All these factors are viewed individually and also as a unit to determine an accurate overview of your current security status and the risk involved.

The Multiple facets within the Security Risk Assessment
The Multiple facets within the Security Risk Assessment

All the data gathered during the security inspection is analysed, audited and compared. At this point Phase 2 commences which covers the security solutions within the individually tailored Security Plan. A lot of in-depth research, and the consultation of experts in the field if so required, is necessary before the actual formulation of any recommendations are made possible. All suggestions that we provide are therefore solely based on the findings of the extensive investigation phase which reveals all the weakness and potential threats present that could provide opportunity for a crime to occur.

Upon completion of the assessment the client is handed a detailed Security Risk Assessment report which outlines and explains all the risks, as well as the provision of the various solutions to ensure that their properties will be effectively protected and therefore more resistant to crime. Through reverse crime engineering and the removal of the aspect of opportunity, successful crime prevention is made achievable. The Risk Assessment will ensure that all security into the future is built on a strong and solid foundation which will ultimately place you in control of your security.

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